AISI 316L - Stainless Steel Sheet

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Nominated as one of Taiwan 1000 largest AISI 316L - Stainless Steel Sheet | stainless steel sheet suppliers and awarded one of the 500 largest blue-chip exporters, YU-TING Industrial Co. Ltd provides stainless steel sheet shearing, slitting, polishing and other processing services with 78,000 metric tons annual sales.

YU TING's state-of-the-art equipment processing facility, including 5 feet fly shear / 6 high levelers cut-to-length line, 2000mm stainless steel plate cut-to-length line and 5 feet slitting line, provide precision cut-to-length and width regardless of stainless steel coil, stainless steel strip, stainless steel checker plate, fingerprint resistant stainless steel services.

YU TING has been offering customers high-quality stainless steel sheet shearing, slitting and polishing since 1990. Both with advanced equipment and 25 years of experience, YU TING ensures each customer's demands are met.

AISI 316L - Stainless Steel Sheet


AISI 316L Stainless steel sheet contains Min. 10% of nickel and 2% of molybdenum to increase pitting resistance. Under highly corrosion environment such as chemical factories/costal area, AISI 316L has better performance than AISI 304.

Our products are certified by RoHS/REAH, EN and ASTM standards. Also, we guarantee AISI 316L contain sufficient chemical compositions according to above specifications.

AISI 316L is low carbon contained material. The carbon content is below 0.03%, so it will reduce carbide precipitate (sensitization) and result in better intergranular corrosion ability. The product is suitable for chemical, petrochemical industry or heat treatment component.

YU-TING also provides 316L-4 (SUS 316L) stainless steel sheet which contains Min. 12% of nickel more and 2.5% of molybdenum.


01. Steel Grade: AISI 316L
02. Surface Finish: NO.1 / 2D / 2B / BA / NO.4 / HL
03. Thickness: 0.3mm – 6.0mm
04. Width: 1000 / 1219 / 1250 / 1500 / 1524
05. Surface Protection:
      • Paper Interleaved
      • Regular PE Film (80 ~ 100μ)
      • Co2 Laser PE Film (100μ)
      • Fiber Laser PE Film (100μ)
      • Deep Drawing Film (60μ)
      • Low tack PE Film (50μ)

GradeStandardChemical CompositionY.S.T.S.E.L.HRB
316LASTM A24010.0 ~ 14.016.0 ~ 18.02.0 ~ 3.0≦ 2.0≦ 0.75≦ 0.030≦ 0.10≦ 0.045≦ 0.015≧ 170≧ 485≧ 40≦ 90