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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The different between Slit Edge and Mill Edge.

    Mill edge is a non-trimmed edge appearance after hot / cold rolling and annealing/ pickling process. It usually leaved an irregular pinhole line on the edge side around 10mm - 15mm. Slit Edge means we will trim irregular pinhole line on slitting machine.

  • What is difference between fly shear cut-to-length line and traditional stop cut-to-length line?

    Fly Shear - Coils are shear under continuous running status. The shearing systems are controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in order to make shearing speed the same (or similar) as coils running speed. Stop Shearing - Coils are shear under stop status.Fly shear cut to length line has better production efficiency than stop shear cut to length line. Also, fly shear can reduce roller mark on surface finish.

  • What is 6 High Levelers?

    6 High levelers that consist of work rollers, back-up rollers and intermediate rollers in vertical display. With high roller stiffness and even forces, the levelers can offer better flatness and shape of stainless steel sheet.

  • How to improve the flatness and shape of Stainless Steel Sheet

    The elements to determine the flatness and shape of stainless steel sheet:1. The precision ability of levelers in stainless steel cut to length line. 2. Mother coils' quality (Extra process on tension leveler). 3. The way of polishing and slitting.YU-TING fly shear cut-to-length line equipped with 6 High levelers provide even more flatness than traditional cut-to-length line (2 High levelers).If we need to overcome other shape defects such as C wave (Curl) and L wave (Cross bow), we need tension leveler processing in stainless steel mills to eliminate those shape defects.Normally, curvature might be happened when we polished thinner gauge of stainless steel sheet. These kind of defect can be eliminated by double side polishing.

  • How to select suitable PE Film for Stainless Steel?

    Normally, paper interleaved are used as cost saving way to protect surface from scratch. If customers have other preference due to demanding process, YU-TING can offer following type of PE film:

  • What is the different between coil to coil line and sheet to sheet polishing line in stainless steel?

    Stainless steel coil to coil polishing machine can overcome waves (specially on thickness 0.4mm to 0.7mm) which usually happened in traditional sheet to sheet polishing machines. Besides fast production speed, stainless steel coil to coil polishing machine can provide double side polishing (back pass).

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