AISI 316L - Stainless Steel Strip

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AISI 316L - Stainless Steel Strip


AISI 316L Stainless steel strips are mainly used for track, small stamping components or pipe / tube.

YU-TING is capable to produce 5mm wide at the narrowest (depend on thickness). Through precision slitting machine and well experienced operators, we can control the width tolerance and burr at lowest.

AISI 316L is low carbon contained material. The carbon content is below 0.03%, so it will reduce carbide precipitate (sensitization) and result in better intergranular corrosion ability. The product is suitable for chemical, petrochemical industry or heat treatment component.


01. Steel Grade: AISI 316L
02. Surface Finish: 2B / BA
03. Thickness: 0.3mm - 3.0mm
04. Width: 5mm - 600mm

GradeStandardChemical CompositionY.S.T.S.E.L.HRB
316LASTM A24010.0 ~ 14.016.0 ~ 18.02.0 ~ 3.0≦ 2.0≦ 0.75≦ 0.030≦ 0.10≦ 0.045≦ 0.015≧ 170≧ 485≧ 40≦ 90